morning walk on Waiheke

Good Monday morning! If you have been coming here for a while you will know that my heart belongs to Waiheke Island, I absolutely love it’s beautiful scenery, amazing wines, stunning beaches and laid back vibe. Now that spring has actually kind of properly sprung we’ll be heading back out there more often – and it was such a treat to nip over for a fleeting over-nighter on Saturday. (Hence the pics from my Sunday morning walk). If you are an Aucklander who hasn’t visited, or a tourist from New Zealand or overseas who finds yourself in Auckland – get yourself on a ferry and over there. You won’t regret it. Massive week this week – but I’ll be aiming to have a new recipe up by next weekend!




  1. Beautiful! My husband and I were on Waiheke a few weeks ago during a visit back home to NZ, it really is a slice of paradise – food & wine bliss!

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