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Wait what? Where’s the food?!!! Yes well I totally understand – as you can see – no food. (There is going to be one new recipe each Friday between now and New Year, so all good there.) Sooo, why the diversion from recipes? To be honest I don’t really know I guess I just wanted an opportunity to expand the confines of my little website here and show a bit more of what I like and who I am. When I was a personal trainer (hard core boot camp situation where my nickname was Mother Tucker…) I used to be horrified when people would approach me at the supermarket to check out was was in my trolley, as they were invariably shocked to see my range of gourmet delights. The thing is people tend to see you as one dimensional – back then I was seen as a hard-arsed fitness lunatic, but that was just one little part of me. Here you get to see (normally) one other part – my love of good food and cooking – but again (thank God) there is more. So if you’re not remotely interested you can just pop back on Friday for the next recipe (if you haven’t gone already), but if not, feel free to take a scroll through a selection of pics from my pinterest clothes and shoes board, a kind of fantasy summer wardrobe.

The top image I couldn’t find a source for, but I’m a massive fan of a good black suit (or black jacket and pants) worn with a black or white t-shirt or shirt. Because summer evenings still get cold here in New Zealand, I would happily wear this all year around. Below the first pic is from Altuzarra 2010, clearly there would be a bit of a bra issue, but dammit it looks beautiful. The stunning sandals are from Anne Demeulemeester spring/summer 2018 and the beautiful, super-simple black swimsuit from Anthropologie. The blouse and shorts, that are exactly the kind of thing I would wear in an instant, are from Saint Laurent spring 2018 (so no chance there) and I’m not sure about the provenance of the fab python print skirt, but love it with the white linen shirt and Buddha bead style bracelets. The suit (I am a real suit chick) is from Sessun 2017 and I’m not sure about the mustard bikini, but it looks perfect on the model! The first frilled dress which looks both sexy and girly to me, is from Zimmerman spring 2017 and the heels are Hermes. (I wear nothing other than sneakers or whopper high heels…). I would happily dance all night in the playful patterned fringe action from Talitha (spring/summer 2016) and the French market bag is identical to mine that I use every day in lieu of a handbag!


Below are basically examples of what I wear on a daily basis – I have about ten blue shirts and loads of jeans and jean shorts, a couple of favourite large simple rings and I am always on the look out for a good cuff. The only pic I can source out of this lot is the final one from Tommy Ton – no surprises I love this look, she has kind of a dark version of my blonde hair…


  1. Speaking of hair, I have your book (Excellent! Well food splattered) and I am curious. I have been admiring your fabulous grey locks (as a fellow grey haired woman, 36, I am forever looking for justification for my choice to embrace the natural) but then you also have blonde hair. Which one do you prefer?

    1. Brilliant – if the book is food-splattered I’m thrilled as I know it’s being used! The gorgeous long grey-haired woman in my book is a darling friend called Darya – the only pic of me is with the intro with the slicked back short blonde hair. To be honest if I knew my grey was going to be as fabulous as Darya’s (instead of my dead-mouse dark blonde grey) I would definitely go for it!

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