a Waiheke Easter

Gooood Morning from the airport! I’m so excited to be heading over for a weekend in Melbourne to visit Henry – woo hooooo! As usual we headed overseas (haha) to Waiheke for Easter and had a wonderful few days with Hoob up from uni in Wellington, and beautiful island weather to enjoy. Sadly Pog couldn’t get time off work in Melbourne, but I plan on making up for it when I see him with some mum-money dinners! Our Easter feast this year was made on the barbecue – two slow roasted legs of lamb, studded with garlic and cooked on a veritable bush of rosemary. To go with it a salad of rocket, baby ripe cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta and avocado with a herb and yoghurt dressing, and couscous with roasted red peppers, caramelised onions and pine nut dukkah. No pics of that lot I’m afraid, I was way too busy cooking, talking, laughing and drinking wine to get any good photos! We had friends and rellies with a good dose of young people to hang out with – bloody perfect. Thanks to Easter, there are no new recipes on the blog this week (whaaaat?), but fear not, I shall be back and on the case with more next week. In the meantime, hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter break, and I’ll see you soon….!!! 🙂

(A couple more extra sneaky Easter-on-Waiheke pics below)


  1. SO nice! Why is NZ so far, far, far away from Germany? I love it so much and our holiday there was one of the best times of my life.

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