heirloom tomatoes with prosciutto, burrata & basil

Remember those amazing heirloom tomatoes from the other day – the ones I couldn’t help but buy and bring home to photograph? Well this is what happened to them…probably not really suitable for New Zealand at the moment (unless you’re eating it in front of a roaring fire) but absolutely perfect for a lazy spring/summer evening. This is the kind of thing Nick and I ate so much of in Italy last year, completely simple, leaving the natural flavours to shine – there is no recipe for this, it is just beautiful ripe heirloom tomatoes, fine slices of good quality prosciutto, a soft ball of burrata (or if you can’t get it, buffalo mozarella), a few basil leaves and some fabulous bread. Drizzle the platter in olive oil and season with a sprinkling of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, just to bring out the flavours even more, and that is it. Red wine, a bit of whatever floats your boat in the music department, and basically it just doesn’t get any better!


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