roast plums with no-churn plum ice cream

Morning all, and a very happy Valentines Day to you. Hm – I must confess to originally feeling a bit poo bummy about posting a recipe for V Day, but then I thought – how bloody ridiculous! This dessert which can be made for your love, but also for a bunch of mates, is perfect […]

decadent no churn chocolate ice cream & espresso pops

Sometimes the recipes I post are fresh off the plate and page to you, and some are ‘ones I prepared earlier’ – like this recipe for amazingly indulgent no-churn chocolate ice cream and espresso popsicles which I created for Fairfax before my recent big trip to Shanghai/Berlin/Amsterdam. Both recipes are pretty bloody high calorie, so […]

Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato with Choconut Cones

Spring has finally sprung in Auckland – woo hooo! However as always when writing recipes for the blog I am hyper-aware that a goodly portion of my followers (is that too dorky to say ‘followers’ – it sounds very dorky indeed…anyone have an alternative…?) are experiencing autumn while we wait for the sun to come […]