queso fundidio, beer, chorizo, chilli & cheese dip

Helloooo, I thought it timely to share this recipe I put together for the gorgeous Dish magazine earlier in the year…I can’t think of anything better for an outdoor, southern hemisphere New Year’s get-together. (Actually it would be pretty bloody fabulous in the freezing north too). I have been making variations on this hot cheesy […]

asparagus, prawn & zucchini bites with sesame mayo

Wooo – Friday with a long weekend ahead – bring it on! I am quickly finishing this before heading off to yoga (Ohmmmm – did first proper one-arm, no-cheaty side crow recently – yeah baby!) so that you can get the ingredients sorted for this recipe today. Even if the weather doesn’t behave, these nibbles […]

Classic Chicken Liver Pate

OK – I am still waiting for a reply from blogger as to why my photos aren’t uploading properly, but in the meantime, in order to get a post up, am resorting to using screengrabs as these are closer to the photos than the actual photos – arrgghh! Anywaaaay, last weekend we were invited to […]