loaded lamb meatballs with eggplant hummus, yoghurt, pine nuts, coriander & mint

Check out these lamb meatballs, not bad hey!? I just put the recipe together for Dish, and they’re a real winner. As it’s only me at home I delivered the whole lot, with all the extra bits, to my sister’s house last night, and they got a resounding thumbs up from the whole fam 🙂 […]

meatballs on brown rice with peanut sauce & Asian slaw

Just when you thought there was no other way to serve meatballs, here is my final recipe! (Actually, I could probably think of quite a few more ways, but I’m thinking we should probably leave it here…) This recipe combines the earthy meatballs with a zingy Asian slaw, spicy peanut sauce and some lovely nubbly […]