oliebollen (Dutch apple doughnuts)

Last night as I was writing this my mother was preparing the ingredients to make the Spring Super Salad which she took as an entree for dinner with friends. That doesn’t sound very remarkable unless you already know from reading my About Me page that Mum absolutely hates cooking, and always has. I find it […]

chicken leek, & pancetta risotto

Well here we go – counting down to multiple ‘take-offs’! Rich finished his final night playing Clyde in Bonnie and Clyde last night, and he was bloody fabulous along side a whole cast of incredible talent – I was exploding with pride – woo hoooo! (Last school play ever – sniff – end of an […]

lamb cutlets with lentil, fig & beetroot salad & herb dressing

I love my job – especially on days when I get to photograph (and eat) things like this! This is a recipe I developed for Fairfax and it is exactly the kind of thing I love to cook at home – the combination of earthy lentils, sweet onions, figs and beetroot with salty feta, cumin-spiced […]

carrot, zucchini & corn fritters with avocado, yoghurt & dukkah

OK so I have been going to hot yoga lately, and really enjoying it – sweating like a pig and generally feeling full of peace, tranquility and the milk of human kindness. (It’s been almost 4 years since I sold my personal training business, and let me tell you cooking and photographing food all day […]

light & luscious chocolate espresso cheesecake

Hello Valentines! Well this time last year I was writing up my recipe for Espresso Your Love Chocolate Mousse and bemoaning the fact that Nick would be in Chicago for Valentines Day – this year he’ll be in China! Ah well – at least we got to share some of this cheesecake before he left! […]

summer loving all-in salad

OK, so my last two posts were a soup (albeit a very fresh and bright soup) and lasagne to warm up my northern hemisphere friends. Today we’re back in the southern hemisphere with a super summer salad that I made for Fairfax to share. This is pretty much summer on a plate, perfect for the […]

braised Italian lentils & eggs with pesto

Last Saturday Nick and I made dinner together (a rare occurrence indeed, but on the the ‘to-do more regularly’ list) delicious braised lentils with fish and salsa verde. It was so good I immediately became re-addicted to lentils, so much so that I made up this recipe as a way of being able to enjoy […]

herbilicious nutty salad with feta & radish

You may be looking at this salad thinking well that’s a bit boring, but I urge you to look again…see that crumbled feta, the baby herb leaves, the crumbled walnuts, the drizzle of simple dressing, the thin slices of radish – now imagine a mouthful with everything – the salty soft feta, the bitter leaves, […]

Farewell 2014 recipes (hope you enjoyed them) and bring on 2015!

Well by crikey, as we count down to New Year’s eve I’ve been thinking about what a big year it’s been! I have had the most enormous amount of pleasure dreaming up recipes, cooking and photographing, and sharing them with you. I love the whole evolutionary process as I experiment with styles and techniques – […]