roast root vegetable salad with feta & semi-dried tomatoes & walnut, parsley & basil pesto

Holy moly did it rain last night (in Auckland) or what??? Happily I am still tucked up in bed with my cup of tea and heading to a slightly later yoga session today – that would be for day 36 in a row – wooooo – almost at my 40 day target! Actually I love […]

roast cauliflower salad with eggplant hummus & walnut dukkah

Good morning from a chilly, clear-skied Kinloch (just down the road from Taupo). I’m going to make this quick as I am staying with my lovely sister and her fam and the plan is to go boating shortly, so I have just made myself a cup of tea and snuck back to bed for 5 […]

warm winter vegetable salad with lemony feta & coriander dressing

Morning all – well it’s been a while ‘between drinks’, but this is a great little vege-loaded mid-week recipe which is super healthy and pretty quick and easy to put together. During winter I often crave big hearty stews or pies (…see recent pie extravaganza), and when I need a vegetable fix I usually go […]

green greenie salad & smoothie

Well here I am as usual writing this post as I sit in bed with a cup of tea, delaying the moment I must get up and get cracking. Just like millions of other people in the world I spent yesterday listening to David Bowie’s amazing music while I worked – and now this morning […]

powerhouse salmon & slaw salad

serves 2 Hey ho – you quite possibly didn’t see my last bog post where I mentioned I had recently had another melanoma diagnosed – luckily so early it shouldn’t be a problem, I just have a wide excision to look forward to on the 16th December. (This is where the surgeon re-cuts around and […]

summer loving all-in salad

OK, so my last two posts were a soup (albeit a very fresh and bright soup) and lasagne to warm up my northern hemisphere friends. Today we’re back in the southern hemisphere with a super summer salad that I made for Fairfax to share. This is pretty much summer on a plate, perfect for the […]

Morning, Noon or Night Salad

The other night just before heading to Dubai, Henry was asking for something light for dinner, and Nick concurred (the lovely 16 year-old Richard would never request a salad, he’s more your sausage and mash kind of guy). So, can’t quite remember what Rich had (!) but this is what I put together for the […]

Ommmmm Nom Nom Brown Rice Salad with Roast Pumpkin, Avocado and Hummus

Crazy name, yes, but it suits my start to the year which has seen some very healthy eating (and some not-so-healthy eating), interspersed with introductory yoga sessions around about Auckland, seeing which ones will take my fancy for my new year’s yoga resolution (so far Naam and Vinyasa, next up Hot Yoga). Do not fear, […]

‘Gala’ Prawn, Mango, Avocado & Chicken Salad with Spicy Peanut Dressing

Several years ago now we spent 2 1/2 very happy years living in beautiful Sydney. It was a totally idyllic time – the boys had just started school, Nick was working his butt off, and I was exercising like a mad thing – and completing my course in personal training. In Sydney everything seems like […]