dark chocolate tart with sea salt

A long, long, long time ago when I first started this blog I posted a recipe for a dark chocolate tart and at the time I was really happy with the pics which I merrily posted on social media thinking they were bloody awesome. Now I look back at those pics which still appear endlessly on Pinterest […]

spiced apple crumble muffins

Even though my mum has never enjoyed cooking she baked delicious after-school treats all through my childhood – I have very fond memories of flying in the door having walked home from school to find that Mum had just made, ‘goo’ cake, Louise slice, fruit slice or banana cake, all perfect to enjoy with a […]

dark chocolate brownies with white chocolate & sea salt

Don’t you love old faithful recipes? This is a guaranteed moist, fudgy extra rich and dark chocolate brownie with white chocolate chunks and a (newly added to the recipe) sprinkling of sea salt – phwaor. They are also ridiculously easy and quick to make. These would be great to make for a chocolate loving mother […]

birthday chocolate layer cake & raspberry champagne cocktail

You might remember a few weeks ago I did the big kick ass Easter/Birthday chocolate cake for my friend Netty – layered with mousse and slathered in ganache…? Well this is a slightly simplified version of that same recipe – an absolute doddle to make and so incredibly good, with super moist cake (which easily lasts 3-4 […]

Mr McGregor’s mini carrot loaves

Hello and hurrah – my final blog recipe for Easter! (Now just two more shots to do for Fairfax tomorrow and then I am DONE for a week!!!) Oh dear I just saw a lovely reader had suggested a definite ‘yes’ to icing these little carrot loaves with cream cheese icing, but I was already […]

the ultimate Easter chocolate cake (for Netty)

I have been in two minds about posting this uber-chocolatey cake recipe. I made it this week for my dear friend whose birthday had slipped by without a blip – so silently that it seemed outrageous for such a darling woman to be unacknowledged. Sooooo – I wanted to do a chokky cake as an […]

blackberry vanila custard cheesecakey tart

Well it’s been quite a while between tarts, so I thought I’d better get busy. I made this one a couple of times to get it perfect (you gotta do what you gotta do) – so now the pastry is super short with a lovely little crunch and I have made the vanilla custard centre […]

light & luscious chocolate espresso cheesecake

Hello Valentines! Well this time last year I was writing up my recipe for Espresso Your Love Chocolate Mousse and bemoaning the fact that Nick would be in Chicago for Valentines Day – this year he’ll be in China! Ah well – at least we got to share some of this cheesecake before he left! […]

eclairs filled with chocolate crème patissiere with chocolate ganache & praline

Helloooooo! This is a fab celebration recipe just in the nick of time for celebrations in the lead up to Christmas, and one of my recipes featured in the lovely winter issue of Dish magazine. Making these brought back childhood memories of my mum ferociously beating choux pastry in a saucepan, and while the recipe […]