Coffee, Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Caramel Slice

Well this is the third incarnation of this slice, I can’t help myself, it just lends itself to so many variations! So far I have done it with dark chocolate and coconut and also with white chocolate and macadamia nuts, but this time it’s all rich, dark and moody with 70% cocoa chocolate, strong coffee […]

Torta della Nonna – Italian ‘Grandma’s cake’ with lemon custard & pine nuts

Well this has been a very long time coming – and I really wanted to start with a big post sharing lots of photos from my trip (which will be coming shortly) but I thought I had better get cracking and put up a recipe before you forget From the Kitchen completely! Right then, one […]

Goldilocks American-Style Chocolate Chunk Cookies

It’s a weird old thing that people like their biscuits as we would call them, (or bikkies) with different textures. (Americans use the term ‘biscuits’ for what we would call ‘scones’ – such craziness!) Traditionally in New Zealand they are made hard and crunchy – ‘short’ that is. In America they are often perfectly chewy […]

Not Your Grandma’s Orange Cake

This is a super-simple but beautifully moist and dense gluten-free cake, packed with whole oranges and almonds, with a mellow chocolate flavour thanks to the addition of Dutch cocoa. Topped with candied oranges and a drizzle of orange syrup it makes for a perfect dessert or late afternoon treat. If you would like to make […]

Christmas Mince Pies with Dark Chocolate & Figs or White Chocolate & Cranberries

OK here’s the deal. Usually I don’t give much of a spiel when posting recipes, but on this occasion with Christmas around the corner, I am going to go wild for a change! First off – Christmas. We all know that it is the time of giving, family, good cheer etc etc…falalalala…but it is often […]

Celebration Chocolate Cake

For those of you who follow me on Facebook (yay you – you know who you are!!!) you will know it was my lovely Henry’s 18th birthday yesterday. To celebrate we had two waves of visitors, kicking off with assorted grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins for early evening drinks, followed by a second wave of […]

Caramel, White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Slice

  Way back in February I posted my recipe for Chocolate, Coconut and Caramel Slice which has ended up becoming a family favourite – especially for me because it is so quick and easy to throw together. I have been thinking for some time about doing something with white chocolate, caramel and macadamias (as you […]

the ultimate lemon tart

A big call no? The ultimate lemon tart? Well it isn’t even in the oven yet and I am tempting fate monumentally by making this call, and yet I feel confidant. I have been cooking variations on a standard lemon tart for years making little tweaks and changes along the way, in fact I used […]

Dark Chocolate Tart with Blackberries and Hazelnut Praline

Off to a dear friend’s place for dinner tonight, so I begged her to let me bring dessert so that I could post a blog, and practice my photography! The tart has a chocolate pastry base filled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with juicy blackberries. The hazelnut praline gives a really nice crunch as […]

Apple & Blackberry Custard Croissant Cake

Many years ago I somehow managed to win two mystery weekend flights for two in one week. Young and struggling at the time, my husband and I were so excited, and shared one of the double tickets with my sister and brother-in-law. The mystery location turned out to be Wellington, and the weekend was freezing […]