hot smoked salmon & leek pies with aioli

Another (rainy?) Saturday, another All Black rugby test – and another pie! But today’s is completely different to last week’s meaty extravaganza while still being totally addictive and indulgent. These ones involve sweet soft leeks, flaked firm white fish, rich hot smoked salmon, aniseedy dill and sharp lemon zest all tucked up together in flaky […]

the ultimate fish burger

Monday again already – I can’t believe it – where on earth did the weekend go? And not just Monday – it’s almost Easter!!! Before you know it we’ll be getting stuck into big slow-cooked stews and hearty soups, but before that happens, and while there is still just enough warmth to eat dinner outside, […]

roast salmon with fennel rocket & potato salad

Well congratulations, we have made it through the madness of Christmas, and are now out the other side and ready to  hit 2015 running  – woo hoooooooo!!!! I am so lucky to have had the most incredible year, having taken the risk of going freelance and then having the opportunity to work for Dish magazine, […]

Spicy Fish Tacos with Mexican Salsa Verde

OK so before getting into the recipe let me make this very clear (can you tell there has been an election campaign going on in New Zealand…I think it has infiltrated my brain!) I am not Mexican, have never been to Mexico (alas) and am clearly no expert on Mexican food. However – I love […]

Bucatini with Anchovies and Fennel

Next up is Bucatini with Anchovies, Parmesan and Fennel Seeds. If you are not an anchovy-lover (I am only a moderate partaker of said fish) do not be put off – it’s not like you are eating big hunks of hairy, salty, boney fish ( ahem – if you love anchovies, you can totally do […]

flaky baked fish with crunchy pine-nut & herb topping on a bed of sweet fennel

It seems like ages ago now that we had a lovely farewell dinner at Mum’s, for the 18-year old Henry – before he headed off for two weeks in Dubai staying with a friend, as you do, then had one day in Auckland before moving down to university in Wellington. (Yesterday!!!) Sniff. Mum made a […]

‘I Got the Power’ Salad

Packed with a power punch, this a seriously lean, mean salad with an aromatic sesame flavoured dressing. If you train regularly, or you just want to give your body a boost – this is the salad for you! Don’t forget to check out my recipe index page while you’re here for loads more salads (and […]