be mine valentine strawberry panna cotta with lemon shortbread

Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow!!! I know that chocolate is an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day right, but what if you fancy something a bit different? This Strawberry Panna Cotta is light, creamy and subtly sweet with a perky strawberry sauce spiked with Framboise. Add the delicate, crispy lemony shortbread and I guess you have […]

white chocolate & raspberry tart

Well since getting back from Australia I’m settling back into normal life with a thump! I have my arm-length ‘to do’ list sorted – now I actually just need to ‘do’. One of my new ventures (and on my list) is with Fairfax newspapers throughout New Zealand – I am happily going to be contributing […]

dark & decadent chocolate steamed pudding with luscious chocolate sauce

Hi all – well although I have only been away for a week, it feels like a month – I have done so much in the last seven days! I headed to Australia, incredibly privileged to be a guest at Invite the World to Dinner, an event hosted by Tourism Australia and held in Hobart, […]

eclairs filled with chocolate crème patissiere with chocolate ganache & praline

Helloooooo! This is a fab celebration recipe just in the nick of time for celebrations in the lead up to Christmas, and one of my recipes featured in the lovely winter issue of Dish magazine. Making these brought back childhood memories of my mum ferociously beating choux pastry in a saucepan, and while the recipe […]

Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato with Choconut Cones

Spring has finally sprung in Auckland – woo hooo! However as always when writing recipes for the blog I am hyper-aware that a goodly portion of my followers (is that too dorky to say ‘followers’ – it sounds very dorky indeed…anyone have an alternative…?) are experiencing autumn while we wait for the sun to come […]

Coconut & Lime Panna Cotta with white chocolate, fresh passionfruit and toasted coconut

I love desserts (hello – check out the recipe index – blushing!) and love to finish off a meal with a little sweet treat, but when the weather is warm I don’t want something heavy and rich. This panna cotta is outrageously light (even lighter than I expected!), the coconut milk has an earthy coconut […]

Coffee, Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Caramel Slice

Well this is the third incarnation of this slice, I can’t help myself, it just lends itself to so many variations! So far I have done it with dark chocolate and coconut and also with white chocolate and macadamia nuts, but this time it’s all rich, dark and moody with 70% cocoa chocolate, strong coffee […]

Torta della Nonna – Italian ‘Grandma’s cake’ with lemon custard & pine nuts

Well this has been a very long time coming – and I really wanted to start with a big post sharing lots of photos from my trip (which will be coming shortly) but I thought I had better get cracking and put up a recipe before you forget From the Kitchen completely! Right then, one […]

For Easter: The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

OK, if you are worried about cholesterol levels, weight issues or sugar move right along because this is one beast of a dessert. I could literally feel my arteries closing up as I made it. That said – if you are still here, as you will see, it is fairly well the most incredible looking […]

Vanilla Rhubarb Tarts Topped with Meringue

Well this has been a long time coming – apologies for the delay, but I promise they’re worth the wait! Crisp, short buttery pastry holds a base of soft, sweet, vanilla cream, topped with tart, roasted rhubarb and light meringue. Told you! I have been testing and mucking around to get them just right with […]

Not Your Grandma’s Orange Cake

This is a super-simple but beautifully moist and dense gluten-free cake, packed with whole oranges and almonds, with a mellow chocolate flavour thanks to the addition of Dutch cocoa. Topped with candied oranges and a drizzle of orange syrup it makes for a perfect dessert or late afternoon treat. If you would like to make […]

Espresso Your Love Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate & Hazelnut Biscotti

Well it’s that time of year again – red roses triple in price, tender hearts hope for anonymous notes,  young romantics stress about buying the perfect token of their affection, and old-marrieds get to raise a glass to each other in satisfaction for having made it this far! Valentine’s Day. In typical fashion my valentine […]

Christmas Mince Pies with Dark Chocolate & Figs or White Chocolate & Cranberries

OK here’s the deal. Usually I don’t give much of a spiel when posting recipes, but on this occasion with Christmas around the corner, I am going to go wild for a change! First off – Christmas. We all know that it is the time of giving, family, good cheer etc etc…falalalala…but it is often […]