salted caramel cheesecake mousse

Yes indeed a totally luscious, creamy, caramelly, cheesecakey mousse toppped with liquid gold caramel and caramel popcorn and a final sprinkling of sea salt (basically a pot of completely delicious calories). This recipe is for special occasions or for when emergency decadence is required and then Oh My God…phwaor!!!!! This is another recipe I developed […]

heirloom tomatoes with prosciutto, burrata & basil

Remember those amazing heirloom tomatoes from the other day – the ones I couldn’t help but buy and bring home to photograph? Well this is what happened to them…probably not really suitable for New Zealand at the moment (unless you’re eating it in front of a roaring fire) but absolutely perfect for a lazy spring/summer […]

retro night beef wellington & potato gratin

I have mentioned once before on this blog that I am a limited fan of ‘classics with a twist’ – sometimes classics are just that, and their perfection is not to be overly meddled with! (OK – yes I do agree that sometimes a little addition or change can take something you are used to […]

smoked chicken pasta salad with romesco sauce

Whoop here it is 🙂 I love a bit of serendipity, and I reckon it happens all the time, especially if you’re on the look out! This week I had the chance to have a lovely coffee catch-up with an old client and friend of mine from the personal training days (for those who don’t […]

dark chocolate brownies with white chocolate & sea salt

Don’t you love old faithful recipes? This is a guaranteed moist, fudgy extra rich and dark chocolate brownie with white chocolate chunks and a (newly added to the recipe) sprinkling of sea salt – phwaor. They are also ridiculously easy and quick to make. These would be great to make for a chocolate loving mother […]

the ultimate Easter chocolate cake (for Netty)

I have been in two minds about posting this uber-chocolatey cake recipe. I made it this week for my dear friend whose birthday had slipped by without a blip – so silently that it seemed outrageous for such a darling woman to be unacknowledged. Sooooo – I wanted to do a chokky cake as an […]

be mine valentine strawberry panna cotta with lemon shortbread

Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow!!! I know that chocolate is an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day right, but what if you fancy something a bit different? This Strawberry Panna Cotta is light, creamy and subtly sweet with a perky strawberry sauce spiked with Framboise. Add the delicate, crispy lemony shortbread and I guess you have […]

penne with chicken, chorizo & chilli

OK now don’t laugh, but I rephotographed this three times until I was happy with it – I am such a dork but I can’t help myself. I literally can not bring myself to post anything unless I genuinely like the pic, even if the recipe is great. Ah well – my little freaky perfectionist […]

dark & decadent chocolate steamed pudding with luscious chocolate sauce

Hi all – well although I have only been away for a week, it feels like a month – I have done so much in the last seven days! I headed to Australia, incredibly privileged to be a guest at Invite the World to Dinner, an event hosted by Tourism Australia and held in Hobart, […]

eclairs filled with chocolate crème patissiere with chocolate ganache & praline

Helloooooo! This is a fab celebration recipe just in the nick of time for celebrations in the lead up to Christmas, and one of my recipes featured in the lovely winter issue of Dish magazine. Making these brought back childhood memories of my mum ferociously beating choux pastry in a saucepan, and while the recipe […]

Bucatini all’Amatriciana

Everywhere we went in Italy we met the most fabulous, people – warm, welcoming and endlessly helpful. No-one epitomised this smiling Italian demeanour more than our host at Crossing Condotti in Rome. The lovely Marco booked taxis and guides, suggested and booked dining options and pretty much ensured that our stay in Rome was totally […]

Torta della Nonna – Italian ‘Grandma’s cake’ with lemon custard & pine nuts

Well this has been a very long time coming – and I really wanted to start with a big post sharing lots of photos from my trip (which will be coming shortly) but I thought I had better get cracking and put up a recipe before you forget From the Kitchen completely! Right then, one […]

For Easter: The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

OK, if you are worried about cholesterol levels, weight issues or sugar move right along because this is one beast of a dessert. I could literally feel my arteries closing up as I made it. That said – if you are still here, as you will see, it is fairly well the most incredible looking […]